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instructors informing students in informal learning settings. Certificate in Informal Learning: Course 1-Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Informal Learning is a Course

Certificate in Informal Learning: Course 1-Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Informal Learning

Jan 11 - Feb 28, 2022
3.0 credits

$1,650 Enroll

Full course description

Developed by researchers, John Falk and Lynn Dierking, the Contextual Model of Learning is a conceptual framework that posits that learning is influenced by the interaction of time and variables within three contexts: personal, sociocultural, and physical.

  • Sociocultural Dimensions of Informal Learning is the first course in this certificate series. Learners will evaluate how social stratification, social structure and interaction, social institutions, and cultural background influence the science of learning. 
  • Through reading, discussing, and completing a mini-project (an observational study) students apply concepts learned in the course to their own unique, real-world informal learning environment. Designed for a variety of learning experience designers; museum or aquarium professionals, community educators or science center professionals.

Each course will take 5 hours of work per week for six weeks for a total of 30 hours of learning per course. The entire certificate can be completed in one year, and will result in 120 hours of learning. Students will be awarded a certifcate upon successful completion of all four courses.

  • Two additional electives are optional, but highly reccomended (separate charges apply for electives may apply).

If you wish to only pay for a course individually, please contact Chelsey Lynne at to receive a code that will allow you to by-pass the full certificate cost. Please note that individual courses are $475.00 each. Paying for the certificate all at once, entitles you to a $250.00 discount. 

If you have an interest in a signing up a group please contact Chelsey Lynne @ for information on group registration.