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PDE 512: Internships in the Field is a Course

PDE 512: Internships in the Field

Started May 6, 2022

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Full course description

Now that you have learned essential content by completing your E-Learning Instructional Design and Development and/or Learning Experience Design (LXD) program, this course will allow you to go to the next level by allowing you an opportunity to put into practice the skills you have learned in an authentic workplace environment. You can think of this course as a "bridge" to an authentic experience where you will be able to grow your knowledge and determine the trajectory for your desired career in the field of Learning Design. And, it goes without saying, meeting new people and making connections in your professional field will be a huge benefit that will surely open up opportunities for you.


This course will serve as a foundational platform for communication between you and your Instructor/Mentor, Lynne L. Hindman, Ph.D., for this course. Your Instructor/Mentor will help guide you through the process of helping you, along with your On-Site Supervisor, to set up your contract and will help to facilitate your successful completion. During your initial meeting with your Instructor/Mentor and On-Site Manager, you'll be able to identify goals, outcomes, objectives, and activities that will be identified and detailed in your contract. You will begin your internship once your contract has been signed by all involved parties, including yourself (as the intern), your On-Site Supervisor, your Instructor/Mentor, and our PDE Manager. As you seek to fulfill your contract, you’ll be able to demonstrate your commitment and capabilities; it will undoubtedly be a win-win for you, your On-site Supervisor, and for their respective institution.


Lynne L. Hindman, Ph.D. has earned four degrees in the field of education: a B.S., M.Ed., Ed. Specialist, and Ph.D., and is a highly qualified Instructional/LXD Designer. As a member of Oregon State University’s graduate faculty, she has taught Masters & Doctoral classes for the College of Education and serves as Lead for OSU’s Instructional Design & Development, and Learning Experience Design (LXD) programs. As a certified K-12 school principal, certified Quality Matters™ Master Reviewer, and Learning Experience Designer she has much experience mentoring educators around the globe. She is a proud mother of four; boy-girl twins and two bio-daughters. She is married to Dr. Greg Hindman and they reside in Philomath, Oregon.